Top 5 Food Slogan LIES

Did you know that inflammation is simply a defense mechanism where your system recognizes irritants, pathogens, and damaged cells in your body? Inflammation is like a home security system, flashing lights and sounding sirens that “intruders” need to be removed. In other words, inflammation is a natural, biological response where the body is trying to heal itself. What food, beverage, medicine, and personal care product “criminals” are invading your “home” right now? Are your ears ringing? Do your joints ache? Do you have a migraine headache or an upset stomach? Are you itching like crazy or just perpetually tired?

There’s no medication that any doctor anywhere can prescribe to get rid of your inflammation if you keep opening your front door and letting all the health criminals just walk right in. From processed sugars to processed oils and from pesticides to pathogens, most Americans literally consume poisons all day and then wonder what’s causing all their inflammation, pain and discomfort. Maybe it’s all those Big Food slogans that got you lost in all these bad health labyrinths. Could it be that heart disease, cancer and dementia are evil tricks sold by the “Associations” (FDA, CDC, AMA, ADA, USDA) that are all supposed to be helping America stay healthy, strong and vibrant?

Don’t go kicking yourself for being stupid or naive. When a big bold-faced lie is stated thousands of times, printed and plastered everywhere you look, and backed up by some fake science studies, it’s not that difficult to get hoodwinked. Let’s end that chronic inflammation you’re experiencing that’s the catapult for nearly every health problem known to mankind. We’ll start by debunking the top 5 food slogan lies.

1. Canola oil is the “world’s healthiest cooking oil”

Actually, canola oil is the absolute worst oil you could possibly consume, ever, in the history of all edible oils. Canola oil coagulates over time, inside your body, causing severe inflammation and eventually dementia. How? Canola oil increases plaques in the brain – the hallmark of degenerative disease. Plus it makes you gain weight. Whether canola is “expeller pressed” or organic doesn’t really matter, because when this food “stuff” gets thick and gooey in your blood and cleansing organs, no prescription medication is going to save you from the inflammation invasion “authorized” by one of the biggest food slogan lies ever perpetuated on Americans. Watch exactly what happens when you fill an open container with canola oil and leave it outside for a month or two. No wonder food embedded with this stuff never spoils and the bugs won’t go anywhere near it!

2. Fluoride “fights cavities”

Oh, the insidious dental industry and deep state of America. Right after Hitler used fluoride to poison the Jews in the concentration camps of WWII, the known chemical insecticide began getting dripped into municipal taps in the USA, starting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Currently, nearly 70 percent of all U.S. tap water contains sodium fluoride, a dangerous chemical byproduct of industries that causes brittle bones, lowered IQ, and cancer.

No, the fluoride in toothpaste and tap water is not the naturally occurring kind. You’ve been duped! That’s just another big lie perpetuated by the crooks at the ADA for nearly a century. In fact, overuse of fluoride actually leads to fluorosis. Do your teeth have white streaks, brown stains and cloudy splotches? Are your teeth pitting? Fluorosis is a tooth enamel defect caused by TOO MUCH fluoride intake during childhood. Never take fluoride tablets and stop drinking fluoridated tap water immediately.

3. Milk “is good for your bones and your teeth”

Think about this for a minute: No animal on earth besides humans drinks milk past infancy or from a different animal. All dairy products, though they may contain some nutrients, also fuel inflammation and excess mucus. The milk and cheese nearly all Americans consume is pasteurized (heated quickly) and thus void of most nutritive qualities. Also, most dairy cows in America live in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) where they’re fed GMO corn, shot up with hormones, and injected with antibiotics to kill the bacterial infections they suffer. How could any of that be good for your bones, body or teeth? It’s not. Just more food slogan lies for the “sheeple.”

4. Cheerios “reduce the risk of heart disease”

What are Cheerios, but some grains that are coated with glyphosate weed killer, some modified corn starch, some processed sugar, some chemical stabilizers, some chemically-treated salt, and some blood-clogging processed canola oil. Even the “natural” almond flavor is often a chemical called benzaldehyde. The studies done by these corporate thugs and their food “scientists” aren’t even available anywhere, so who even knows if they’re real or were ever actually done. Maybe it’s just one really sick fat dude sitting on his couch eating Honey Nut Cheerios with pus-laden milk and typing up big lies on his laptop computer. Bottom line is that processed grains and processed sugars increase inflammation and increase the risk of heart disease, not decrease it. These corporate slogans are often the exact opposite of what you really get. What a scam.

5. Powerade is the “complete sports drink”

The popular sports drinks, including Powerade and Gatorade, are some of the worst liquids you can possibly consume if your goal is being healthy, having energy, and replenishing “electrolytes.” What do you get when you mix up some chemically treated high fructose corn syrup, some artificial coloring from industrial dyes, brominated vegetable oil (Gatorade finally took this poison out), and some genetically engineered funk? You get chronic inflammation and thyroid problems. Doesn’t sound like something top athletes vie for when they’re training to be the best they can be. These drinks barely contain any electrolytes at all, especially compared to actual healthy beverages, like coconut water. Try juicing some celery, apples and lemons instead! Then you’ll actually be fueling that endurance you’ve been chasing, instead of padding the pockets of corporate liars while exacerbating your own inflammation.

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